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  • When the weather is fine

    When the weather is fine

    Regardless of weather: search for the ensemble “Ghazal”. Listen to their work titled “The Rain.” Improvisation that inspires. For those Italian red wine lovers: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Producer: Citra) Inexpensive and indeed quaffable.

  • Hurricane Season

    El Nino may be sticking around.  Hurricanes abound. No longer in drought.  Avocado trees are bearing much fruit. Added Nota Bene to the site. NOAA app now on my phone.  Watch the weather radars.  Fascinating.  

  • The Violet Horses

    The Violet Horses

    Cinzia Forte sent this from the Waikiki Aquarium.  With a wee tweaking of the color. A tune that keeps giving…  

  • Saturday


    Many apps to choose from–consider BoD app for those interested in discovering new music. Swell on Oahu’s south shore.  Bringing my new Stewart ‘Clydesdale’ Long Board. Can? No Can? Can…

  • Mahalo to Model-T Digital

    Many thanks to Andrew and Hannah at Model-T Digital for my website! -EH

  • Welcome!


    Click the link and download my novel The American Savior. If you enjoy this novel then you may also enjoy my next novel, The Handyman’s Habit of Larceny, available in 2017. In between publications I invite you to continue to stop by to read postings that will at least include short stories, memorable quotes…and…