A Clear Picture of the World

Vanmeter Symthe, lover of uncertainty, magnet to opportunity, finds himself in possession of a storage room—an art forger’s dream, filled with enough rare materials a forger would ever need. First, arrange a reunion in Zanzibar City with old friends, Dr. Frieda Wassergold, and Birdy Wire. A plan is forming. How much to tell them? And there’s Clara, Vanmeter’s deeply troubled Momma he swore to care for. Vanmeter, Frieda, and Birdy’s evolving friendship serves as a catalyst. Their lives are changing, just as the plan keeps changing. Borderline ludicrous. But to Vanmeter, ludicrous didn’t mean the plan couldn’t go. And so, it went.


In the near future, Quincy Lane dominates Celeb Culture worldwide. Why did she move to the Life Boat, a small, unknown religious community serving the mentally incapacitated run by a restless priest and his devoted psychiatrist? The Life Boat residents have never heard of Quincy. The refugee Melkites from Syria arrive, and also the mysterious Galvin Salvus, whose fantastic claim unnerves Quincy. All combine to make the Life Boat an odd community in the new age, but strangely engaging.

The Handyman’s Habit of Larceny

Ravel makes beautiful furniture. But now he is compelled to get all the pieces back from their owners. His new acquaintance Roscoe Armstrong, a man of complication and reluctant to befriend Saunders, has his own problems. Roscoe knows being a good Samaritan can be a foolish endeavor–and sometimes dangerous. What the men have in common is they both have women they have loved for a lifetime, and they are running out of lifetime to get them back. This is an improbable love story.

The American Savior

Earl graduates from an Ivy League college, rejects an investment career, and enters the Air Force to fly fighter jets. It is when Abby becomes convinced that her estranged son may be a savior the country can be inspired by that their family begins to reconnect–leading to consequences that test every attempt to fully reconcile with her family and achieve personal redemption.

American from Texas, living in Honolulu